The STELS ATV 50C is a model for children and teenagers aged 5 to 14 years. It is an ideal vehicle for beginners. For those who only learn a similar mode of transport, the model ATV 50C ATC will ensure the convenience of training and high stability. The model is the most affordable in its category and in the entire line of ATELS ATVs.

This is the most secure model with low power, but quite maneuverable and easy to manage. Safety provides a system for limiting the course and shutting down the engine in the event of problems with control. This is important for teenagers and children who are just learning to ride a quad bike. In addition, there is the possibility of control from the console, which allows adults to monitor the movement of the vehicle. A stylish design ATV ATV 50C ATC will appreciate any young rider.

The model is available in several colors: blue, red, yellow, green, black. The case is equipped with plastic skirts that not only add brutality, but also protect the ATV and its driver from splashing. In the configuration there is also an independent suspension, turn signals and rear-view mirrors. All this makes STELS ATV 50C maximally similar to older models and provides driving convenience. The presence of a variator greatly facilitates the control.

Quad bike of this model is well suited for smooth forest roads, driving on country roads. It is undesirable to ride it on a very rough terrain, since this low-power initial model is not designed for such loads. ATELS ATV 50C ATV is a great opportunity for your child to feel like an adult rider. In doing so, you can be calm for safety while driving.

Frame steel, welded, tubular
Engine 2-stroke, 1-zindrovy, air cooling; 49.2 cc
Max power, hp (vol.) 2.9 (5500)
The maximum twisting moment, Nm (vol.) 3.5 (3,400)
Supply system carburetor, gasoline with octane rating not lower than 92
Ignition system
Transmission V-belt CVT (FR) with operating mode 2WD
Clutch centrifugal type, dry
main gear chain roller with rear-wheel drive
Starting system electric starter, kickstarter
Suspension front independent, double lever with spring-hydraulic shock absorbers
Suspension back pendulum fork with one spring-hydraulic shock absorber
Brake front / rear Drum with mechanical drive / disk with hydraulic drive
Fuel tank capacity, l 4,5
Tires front / rear AT19х7-8 “/ AT18х9,5-8”
Front / rear discs steel, pressed
Overall dimensions / height in the saddle, mm

1380х812х965 / 635

Wheelbase, mm

900, the clearance is not less than 120mm

Dry weight, kg


Additional equipment Mirrors



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